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Murray Park Estate

Murray Park Estate reached out to us one Friday afternoon with an emergency situation. They had a new land release scheduled to launch on Saturday with multiple real estate websites and had arranged for news publicity. However, their website was corrupted and the previous web developer had bailed. They need a website delivered before 9am Saturday!

The Custom Pixels team strapped in for a long night and at 4am Saturday, we delivered a fully functioning 7 page website ready to go. Whilst we didn’t have the smoothest of starts, we had the website functioning, polished and sent live before the required handover time.

Works Completed

We concepted, designed, developed and delivered a fully functional website within 12 hours of meeting the Murray Park Estate team.

Since that point, we have maintained and updated the website as required.

Ongoing Local SEO

Custom Pixels is proud to provide ongoing local SEO services for Murray Park Estate, a leading land developer in the area. Our team of experts understands the importance of local SEO for businesses like Murray Park Estate that rely on local customers.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we conduct in-depth keyword research and analyze local search trends to identify the most relevant keywords for their business. We then optimize their website’s content and meta tags to target these keywords and ensure their website appears in local search results. In addition, we focus on building high-quality local backlinks and citations to help establish their business as a local authority.

Our ongoing local SEO work for Murray Park Estate has resulted in increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, and more qualified leads, helping them to grow their business and establish a strong local presence.

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